Robotic camera control

Intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive surgery

Steady field of vision

  • The system provides surgeons with a stable and rock-steady field of vision, even in extreme endoscope positions.
  • The wide scope of movement allows surgeons full visibility of the operating sites - without any restrictions. There is no need to alter your customary way of working.

Safe and sterile work

  • A stable image allows surgeons to work in a more relaxed manner, providing them with a reliable view of essentials.
  • Even extreme camera positions can be retained as long as required, which is a considerable advantage over manual camera control.
  • Joystick, universal joint, endoscope clamp and tension sleeve are autoclavable. The SOLOASSIST itself is covered by a sterile single-use sterile cover.

Joystick control

  • With minimally invasive procedures, surgeons can work with both hands. Logically, the SOLOASSIST is controlled via a joystick positioned on the instrument or voice.
  • The ergonomic joystick can be adapted to fit almost all commercially available handpieces by using a clamp mount.
  • The functional design of the joystick facilitates handling. The keypad enhances the safety of surgery.

Voice control

The SOLOASSIST Voice control is based on the industry leading, state of the art voice recognition engine. Together with an unique and intuitive set of commands,
it allows a smooth and straight forward control over the surgeons view during endoscopic surgeries.

  • Speaker independent - no speech training needed
  • High responsive - average speech-to-movement time less than 200 ms
  • Precise – more than 95% recognition rate

Manual positioning

  • At the push of a button, the arm can be moved and pulled into the required position. When the button is released, the arm is locked immediately, remaining in the set position.
  • The unlocking button is located on the distal end of the arm in an easily accessible position.

Straightforward docking

  • Docking to the operating table is extremely simple thanks to the quick-coupling device.
  • After the surgical procedure is completed, the arm is hung onto the trolley. The trolley is fully mobile and serves for storing the SOLOASSIST.


  •  Stable positioning of the endoscope to obtain a steady image
    Thanks to its carbon structure, the SOLOASSIST is stable and vibration-free. It does not shake or tilt the horizon, enabling fatigue-free work.
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation via joystick
    The human hand is the most precise tool at our disposal. Manual work can be performed intuitively without mental stress. That is why you control the SOLOASSIST via an ergonomic joystick – simply simple.
  • Precise endoscope positioning within a unique range of movement
    You determine the image yourself. There are no misunderstan- dings. Positioning is precise and sensitive. Thanks to the unique range of movement, there is no need to adapt the way you work.
  • Unhindered access to the patient site, no bothersome components impeding the trocar area.
    The SOLOASSIST supports the endoscope from above, leaving ample room for your instruments. There is no need to alter your normal workflow.
  • Straightforward handling; ready to operate in just a few minutes
    Straightforward and quick set-up and disassembly. The SOLOASSIST is attached directly on the operating table and covered with a sterile drape while the patient is being prepared for surgery.
  • Reusable
    Thanks to a flexible concept of autoclavable components, the SOLOASSIST is immediately ready for the next surgical intervention – no waiting times.
  • SOLOASSIST - enhancing your clinic‘s image
    As a clinic operator, you are increasingly faced with competition for patients and qualified personnel from other clinics and hospitals today. In addition to medical competence, a modern and positive image is one of the most important competitive advantages. Document your leadership in terms of innovation by introducing robotic surgery.
  • Enhanced scheduling efficiency
    The SOLOASSIST is always available to provide assistance, even outside normal working hours.
  • Compatible
    The SOLOASSIST is compatible to all common operating tables and endoscopes, thus protecting your investments. The set-up and dismantling can be performed parallel to the usual workflow, not adding to operating time.
  • Cost-efficient
    The SOLOASSIST is completely maintenance free. The expenditure for disposable drapes is negligible.
  • Relieving pressure on valuable employees
    For an assistant, static holding of an endoscope is tiresome work. This task is now dealt with by the SOLOASSIST. The assistant is thus freed up to focus on more exacting tasks.
  • SOLOASSIST – beneficial for training
    Being relieved of the tiresome task of having to guide the endoscope, assistant physicians have more time to follow their instructors’ explanations more attentively and can thus be inte- grated as equal and valued team members within a shorter period of time.
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Surgery and technology in harmony

For a wide variety of surgical interventions laparoscopic techniques have become established as standard procedure. Perfect imaging is the basis for safe and effective surgery. Stable support and flexible positioning of the endoscope are of paramount importance. This is where the SOLOASSIST is ideal, relieving your team’s

This is what users have to say


“We have performed more than 1000 procedures with the SOLOASSIST so far. From our point of view, the SOLOASSIST can be used in the upper and lower abdomen, but it can also be used very efficiently in more challenging procedures such as in bariatric surgery.“


“In my experience the SOLOASSIST system provides a completely steady and shake-free image. Although I perform the surgery practically alone, the system has made surgical interventions even easier and safer.“


“I am convinced that surgical assistance systems have a future in the operating theatre. Thanks to them, surgeons are regaining control of their field of vision for the very first time. This is something that has been lacking in the field of laparoscopy so far.“


"The new system permits a greater degree of freedom compared to its predecessor. It is also easier to handle and can be be set up more quickly. The SOLOASSIST has become a permanent part of our demanding gynaecological and oncological lapararoscopic work."


"The Soloassist II is available without additional time and stress in any laparoscopic surgery. It provides a reliable view of the essentials without need to alter a customary way of working.

It is required to stabilize the scope to take image quality specifications including 3D and 4K to the maximum. Then I think that the time will be over when a surgeon hold a laparoscope with their own hands. At the point, I'm convinced that Soloassist II is playing a very important role in a future of laparoscopic surgery."